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Welcome to School Athletics!

Crescent Public School not only emphasize in academics but also in other co-curricular activities . Continuously Crescent Public School has given striking performances .As we very well know that sports are something that teaches a human many qualities like dedication , leadership and discipline . It is a well known fact that any form of physical exercise is good not only for one’s body  but their spirit as well. Playing a sport is a winning combination both figuratively and literally and that is why Crescent Public School special lies special focus on awaking sports talent of the students and then display then at different grounds . Some of the remarkable performance of the students are

1.  Name of the event – C.B.S.E.  Zonal Taekwondo

Date- 1st oct’2019 to 3rd oct 2019

Venue – Sharda Global School, Ranchi


Gold- 04

Silver – 10

Bronze- 11

Student’s name

Sumit kumar                       XII

Govind Kumar                    IX

Anirudh Kumar                   IX

Sapna Kumari                      XII

Raunak kumar                     IX

2. Name of the event –

C.B.S.E. National Taekwondo

Date – 19th nov 2019 to 24th nov 2019

Venue – St. Xavier High School , Balrampur, U.P.


Bronze – 2

Student’s Name

Sumit Kumar            XII

Govind Kumar            IX

3. Name of the event –

Rope skipping

Date- 7th nov 2019 to 10th nov 2019

Venue – Shri Ram Ashram Public School, Amritsar , Punjab


Silver – 04

Student’s Name

Lucky Kumari           VI

Anjali Bhagat             VI

Sruti Kesarwani        VIII

Nitu Dutta                   XII

4. Name of the event –


Date – 1st oct 2019 to 4th oct 2019

Venue – Baldeo Public School , Mathura , U.P.


Gold -1

Silver -2


Student’s Name

Nisha Kumari

Jeet Prakash

Amit Mishra

Vishal kumar Mahato

Ritesh Kumar Mahato

Nitesh Kumar Gope