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Who we are?

Crescent Public School, Sector 6, Bokaro Steel City,
Jharkhand was founded in the year 1998.
Crescent Public School was founded in 1989 as an education-giving institution to nurture the knowledge of students with dedicated and cooperative teachers. It is managed by 'Gyandeep Shikshan Sansthan'. Since the beginning of its opening days, it has been giving prodigious results in all domains, helping the students to fulfill their dreams as well as accomplishing the expectations of parents. Crescent Public School has transformed the lamp of optimism leading to attentivity and hardwork into a spotlight by performing at its best resulting to shine brighter day by day. In other words, it has been implementing the theme of " Shramam Bina Na Kimapi Sadhyam" in the mindset of new bundles of potentials to enhance and boost up their spirit, talent, diligence, courtesy, confidence, and consistency.
Moreover Crescent Public School has stretched its branches in three different parts of our city covering urban as well as rural areas for flourishing the new buds into charming & glaring flowers.

Primary School

Students of Std. I to V are prepared individually on reading, writing, science, mathematics, life skills, critical thinking skills, and problem-solving strategies in primary school.
Our trained teachers build a background to understand the concepts and structure of CBSE based curriculum in our school. Our students mature emotionally and physically as a result, they grow more independently reaching to perfect adolescence finally.
The coursework not only includes student-teacher interaction but also builds a relationship among peers. Children socialize and learn to convey their message through actions, words, or behavior.
It is also important that we introduce different activities to our children be it Art and Craft, Music, Dance, Sports, Fancy Dress Competition etc. Apart from these, moral and spiritual values are also inculcated at this early age.


Middle School

Students of Std. Vl to VIll are introduced to cultural as well as modern values. Our teachers focus on building a ladder to get excellent results in the CBSE board examinations.
Our teachers lead a review of concepts learned in the primary school and build these with more in-depth information, preparing students for the school years ahead. Middle school teachers plan and deliver appropriate lessons and grade homework which assess students on their way to progress.
Parent-Teacher meetings are conducted to have a one-to-one discussion with the parents and mark their child's progress.
Olympiads and other brain-storming competitions are on the horizon for the youngsters. Technical expertise and computer abilities are also significant components of our curriculum. Our classroom teaching concerning different subjects include real-life examples for easy learning and remembering topics.
Science Exhibitions, Annual Functions, The Geeta Chanting Competition, Chess, Taekwondo, Classical and Western Dance and Music are all part of our curriculum and contribute to a child's overall growth

Secondary and Senior Secondary School

Secondary and Senior Secondary school is from Std IX to XII where a student recognizes that a math problem can be solved in more than one way. Students realize that writing focuses less on summarizing and more on providing thoughts and opinions about what they've read and learned. Teachers of Crescent Public School know that preparation is crucial, so, they spend extra time with struggling students, often mentoring and tutoring for Std X and XIl. Sample papers and practice papers are provided and solved. CPS offers Science and Commerce for students of Std XI and XIl. Apart from the academic preparations, students are trained for their careers ahead. Students are taught to apply knowledge gained from subjects to real-life situations and become independent thinkers.
Organizational skills, excellent communication and presentation skills, and sound decision-making skills are important for prospective high school students. Modern teaching methods are used to deliver lectures in class. Our school is well-equipped with Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics and Computer laboratories. Our library has numerous books for the preparation of various competitive exams which gives a great opportunity for students to know the patterns and syllabus of exams.